Adhesive disc “Fukuda Test”

“90% of our energy is spent to keep the body in balance” (Dr. Roger Sperry Nobel Prize in 1974 for scientific discoveries)

Even standing still we move more around our center of gravity.

Fukuda Test


is an important diagnostic test, commonly tried to assess the presence of a hypertonic muscle during a march carried out on the spot. The test is repeated with the head turned to the right and left sides of the body. The doctor tells the patient to stand on his feet, his hands free forward or leaning to each other shoulder. The head should be in neutral position and the jaw in its rest position (the teeth must not be touched). Then, I closed my eyes, the patient takes a number of steps in place to normal rhythm, usually 50 steps in a minute.

The disc proposed, to be placed on the ground, is in PVC with 130 cm diameter.