Proper dental occlusion promotes postural balance

ForEmg is a EMG portable Holter, 4-channel, capable of recording up to 30 hours of electromyographic signals.

foremgMAX_9315It is a system of occlusal analysis that through electromyographic examination dynamic and dedicated software, of easy and immediate use, provides indications on the condition and on the occlusal areas of intervention, in order to properly align the bite, ensuring a correct alignment of the dental arches to the functional needs of the person.


It uses concentric electrodes CoDe patented system with isotropic invariant to rotations that, with respect to the recording bipolar, avoids the problem of orientation along the fiber direction during the positioning phase. Compared to the classic bipolar systems, it reduces crosstalk, improving the spatial filtering.

Captured data is stored on an internal memory of the device and transferred to the computer via USB or Bluetooth * (* coming soon). The data processing can be done with free software and Formeter OTBioLab supplied with the device.tabella risultati esame ENG