Sound Goniometer

Applied in the analysis postural this tool allows you to measure the flexibility of the joints.

It is a device positioned on the elbow, knee or ankle subject to rehabilitation.
On reaching the highest level of travel (be preset), the device will emit ‘sound.
Its extremely simple operation allows the patient to perform a rehabilitation extremely effective because ‘prevents you perform movements that affect healing.

goniometro bracciogoniometro gambagoniometro piede

The goniometric biofeedback device comprises two arms of plastic material (Plexiglas), bound to each other in a rotatable manner. One arm is provided with a magnet, the other arm is provided with knob in which is inserted a magnetic detector capable of sounding an audible alarm. The angular position concerned to be highlighted, with acoustic signal, is determined by the knob, by means of the magnetic detector. This is always activated in the moment in which it overlaps the magnet placed on the other arm. The arms of the angle measurement are fixed to the body segments with Velcro straps elastic and should be placed longitudinally to the mechanical axes of the same segments. The center of rotation of the device is placed in correspondence of the center of rotation of the joint.